Connectivity RFPs Q&A

Connectivity RFPs Questions & Answers – Round 2

Q – Many of the sites were quoted on in the first RFP. Would the sites not be awarded to the next eligible bidder, should the initial successful bidder not be in a position to deliver?
A – A process of “next eligible” bidder was followed, where rational and affordable. This proved to be unaffordable to the project budget. No affordable suppliers were available, hence Round 2 to give the market an opportunity to resubmit proposals.

Q – Verify sites addresses?
A – The attached list is verified against information received from DHET.
SABEN TCCP Site Addresses

Q – Will a Service Provider be permitted to provide primary and secondary pricing scenarios i.e. 1) Primary for Fibre and 2) Secondary for Microwave?
A – Please refer to section 10 of the RFP (Proposal Design and Costing Instructions).
10.4 More than one connection proposal may be submitted for any one site. In such a case, a fully completed row should be inserted for each unique proposal. This could be for:
10.4.1 Pricing for more than one PoP.
10.4.2 Pricing for more than one Technology.
10.4.3 Pricing for more than one connection bandwidth.

Q – Please may we have the Excel version of the PoP list to avoid delays?
A – Find attached Excel version of the PoP spreadsheet.
3-Annexure 3 – TVET College Campus List and PoPs TCCP – RFP0016_2020 – v1.0

Q – Will the recorded session of yesterday’s briefing session, will be made available to the participants?
A – We won’t be making the recording available.
We will post the presentation on the websites as well as the questions and answers raised.
TCCP Access Connections Round 2 – Briefing Session – 20-May-2020

Q – Is there a minimum capacity requirement per site?
A – Yes, minimum of 200 Mbps upgradable as set out in RFP.

Q – Can we submit a tax document indicating our pin or you want the tax certificate?
A – Yes, assuming we don’t have issues accessing it, it shouldn’t be a problem

Q – Can we send multiple emails containing different files, if the email size is a problem?
A – Yes, as long as you clearly indicate you will be sending in multiple parts and label them accordingly

Q – Page 12 – Table for mandatory documents. Questions 5A, 5B and 5C – should it have its own file name?
A – We prefer you submit a single pdf document with all three pats using the 1 file name listed in the table

Q – If we use Teraco Isando for example as a PoP: Does the bidder cost the Teraco patch lead or SABEN?
A – Service providers will need to provide patch leads to connect your equipment to ours.

Q – If more than one service is backhauled to one PoP, do we use different interfaces for each service or only one interface for all services?
A – It is preferred that multiple connections coming into one PoP is aggregated at the PoP. See RFP for aggregation requirements.
It depends on what is cost effective.

Q – Who pays for the Teraco Cross Connect?
A – The project pays for it. If it is a service provider we don’t have an existing cross connect with, the costs need to be included in the proposal – as indicated in the RFP (see clause 9.4 for costs).
All costs to be included upfront for any new or additional cross connects.

Q – Project means SABEN?
A – Yes

Q – Ikhala – Queen Nonesi. We are able to handoff at 5 different locations according to the RFP. Is there any PoP preference?
A – No, all PoPs provided are stable and feasible PoPs. If you want to submit pricing to connect to each PoP, it needs to be outlined as per the instructions in the RFP.
Teraco is usually a preference for various reasons but it is suggested to quote for both options.
If you choose another PoP that is not on our, supplied, preferred PoP list, reason needs to be provided as per the instructions in the RFP

Q – Can a NDA be signed to share Audited Financials?
A – Yes. NDA document to be submitted to the email address.

Q – Please could you confirm the following:
Annexure 2 – Price Proposal Template TCCP RFP0016_2020 Round 2 v2 – provides a total of 42 College sites.
Annexure 3 – TVET College Campus List and PoPs TCCP RFP0016_2020 v1.0 – provides a total of 50 College sites.
Please confirm that we should only to work with the 42 provided sites on Annexure 2 – Price Proposal Template TCCP RFP0016_2020 Round 2 v2

A – Only work on the 42 campus sites that were provided for in Annexure 2 – Price Proposal Template.