CPE RFQ Questions & Answers

Q – The tender document states the following:
2.5 SABEN requires the following pricing options for management of the deployed devices:
2.5.1 FortiManager platform across the hardware appliance, virtual machine and cloud platforms; and

To which of the following does the “cloud platforms” option refer:
1 – FortiManager virtual machine deployed in a cloud platform like Azure or AWS.
2 – FortiManager Cloud which is a hosted Cloud-based Central Management & Orchestration Service.

We assume option 1 is what is requested but would like confirmation.
A – The virtual machine refers to a virtual machine in the SABEN data centre on our own hardware (refers to option “1”).
The FortiManager Cloud option “2” is required (refers to the platform hosted in the Cloud and not by us).

Q – Just to further clarify: We have catered for the Virtual Machine that can be hosted in your own data centre.
– Option 1 is hosted by AWS/Azure in the Cloud, with a bring your own license model, but you get the full VM to do with as you want as if it was hosted in your own data centre.
– Option 2 is a hosted SaaS service that you only get an account for and can add any device that you pay the annual subscription Cloud Management fee for.
Hence Option 1 is a Public Cloud Platform, and Option 2 is a hosted SaaS option. Do you still want Option 2?

A – We would like option 1 and 2 pricing.

Description Quantity One Year Support Three Year Support
Unit Price Total Price Unit Price Total Price
Hardware only with standard support 290 R – R –
Hardware only with standard support PLUS Unified Protection Package option 290
FortiManager platform on a hardware appliance 1 R – R –
FortiManager platform on a virtual machine 1 R – R –
FortiManager cloud platform 1 R – R –
(Optional) Hardware only with standard support 35 R – R –
(Optional) Hardware only with standard support PLUS Unified Protection Package option 35 R – R –

Note: All device pricing should include brackets for 19″ wide cabinet mounting, as well as South African dedicated power leads

Q – Does the description of standard support imply to 8×5 support instead of the quoted 24×7?
A – 8×5 support Fortinet

Q – Fortinet have quoted FortiGuard Unified (UTM) Protection with each option – should line 1 item not read 8X5 Forticare only?
A – Yes

Q – Will need some clarity on the VM & Cloud line items and quantities please.
A – Quantity 1 each

Q – There is a misunderstanding and would like clarity. Forticare in South Africa can be quoted as 8×5 or 24×7.

  • FortiCare 24×7 Service includes access to technical support on a 365x24x7 basis as well as an advanced replacement service for hardware failures. This service provides the assurance of around-the-clock coverage and fast turnaround for replacement of defective hardware.
  • With 8×5 support you can only get to support agents Mon-Fri during 9am-5pm (normal business hours).

The 8×5 service will phase out over time. This has been already been done for bigger devices and will overtime be done over the complete product portfolio.

We would like to ensure that SABEN is in a position to compare all the different pricing options that will be provided, but also that they are inline with your tender expectations.

Please be so kind to clarify and share your support requirements with us. Let us know for what option we need to supply you with pricing.

– Option A: 24×7
– Option B: 8×5
– Option C: Both support options
A – In addition to what we have requested, you are welcome to add additional options, which we may or may not be able to consider.
Please refer to section 6 in the RFQ that requests for clarification shall be accepted by SABEN up until 15h00 on 14 August 2019.

Q – The RFQ requests that price be valid for 90 days, this is a bit difficult as the pricing is based on ROE(Rate of Exchange) which as you know has fluctuated recently. Please advise as also the policy of Fortinet Price Module does not “guarantee” pricing.
A – Please refer to section 6 in the RFQ.
Requests for clarification shall be accepted by SABEN up until 15:00 on 14 August 2019.
Also, refer to section 2.7 “Pricing terms.”
All quoted prices shall be fixed.
The service provider would have to ensure forward cover.