Learning Management System


Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) LMS

SABEN Learning Management System a easy to use and makes teaching and learning simple and fun. A proven solution custom engineered on the Moodle® platform to deliver permanent portable wealth to students, preparing them for long-term career success.

Educational institutes will use the LMS for :-

  • Continued Education Programs
  • Professional Development
  • Distance Learning
  • Content Management
  • Flipped Classroom Learning
  • Blended Learning

Usability is never an issue among faculty because a unique on-boarding experience is provided by configuring each solution to match learning needs. SABEN Learning Management System is a full service LMS and includes the following:

  • HE Learning Platform
  • Implementation
  • Site Design & Development
  • On Demand Training
  • eLearning Advisor
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • World Class Support
  • Secure Education Video Cloud
  • Social Communities and e-Portfolios
  • E-commerce
  • HE Learning Tool Suite

Corporate Learning Management System

In a world increasingly driven by compliance, regulation, and record keeping, it is no surprise that more and more companies are turning towards Learning Management Systems and eLearning as a solution to save money and ensure accurate records are kept. There are, however, many more ways in which a Learning Management System benefits an organization than simply ensuring that your company is compliant with regulations such as health and safety.

We understand that in order to continue providing unparalleled service to customers and clients, every business needs:

  • A world-class learning and training system that competes with the very best in the world.
  • Visionary people who take the initiative to up-skill themselves by using a system that fosters organizational growth.
  • A customizable system that allows for peer-to-peer engagement and skills transfer.

We set out to provide a fully customizable Learning Management System that would cater for all our vast clients growing needs. Through the use of the LMS clients have enjoyed benefits such as :

  • Improved Employee Performance.
  • Faster Compliance Training.
  • Saving Money.
  • Multiple Site Consistency
  • No Missed Training.
  • Aligning Training To An Organization’s Needs.