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Shared services provider of the following:


Internet connectivity for colleges using latest technologies. SABEN provides Fibre connectivity as well as licensed microwave connectivity. Click here to sign up for this service.

Wireless LAN (WiFi)

Operating WiFi at TVET college campuses has its challenges. SABEN works to simplify WiFi operations by extending high capacity internet service across campus with our shared WiFi services ecosystem, allowing seamless authentication and campus-to-campus roaming for staff and students, made easy with our cloud-hosted controller. Sign-up for our zero-obligation WiFi proof of concept.

Learning Management System (LMS)

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs. They help the instructor deliver material to the students, administer tests and other assignments, track student progress, and manage record-keeping. LMSes support a range of uses, from supporting physical classes to acting as a platform for fully online courses… more

Click here To sign up for Learning Management System.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) allows voice calls to be made over the internet. SABEN provides a VOIP solution using Euphoria’s cloud hosted PBX, and also supports the use of Skype on college phones. Our hybrid solution renders all calls within the network as FREE, and combined with our lower outbound call rates, produces significant costs saving and user experience benefits. Click here to sign up for this service.

Masithethe is a free VOIP telephone lines for students and other individuals. Click here to read more. The Service will allow you to place and receive VOIP communications, (such as making or receiving calls, sending or receiving messages) over a data network such as the internet.


Vidyo is videoconferencing system created to address problems in traditional videoconferencing. Vidyo offers high quality video, audio and content sharing on its platform. For more information, visit TENET’s Vidyo page. Click here to sign up for this service. Click here to download the desktop application and/or the browser extension. Download the Desktop User Manual here.