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Wi-Fi RFQ Questions & Answers

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Clarification Questions and Answers – RFQ No: SABEN 000(1,2&3)/2023
TCCP Campus Wi-Fi Supply Configuration, Installation Testing and Support

Q – Please give clarity on the statement below from the RFQ that states that the equipment will be donated instead of supplied (RFQ PARA
A – The project is procuring equipment from suppliers that will be installed on campuses. This equipment will not remain the property of the project but be donated to the respective colleges for them to take on to their asset registers.

Q – Please confirm that the pricing schedule on Tab 2 starts with Item number 2 instead of 1
A – correct the first item on tab 2 is item 2.

Q – as per the RFQ ‘The contracted service provider will provide 1-year support on the installation from the date of commissioning comprising an average of 12 hours of support per quarter over 12 months. The 12 hours will be a mixture of telephonic support and will include on average 1 site visit per quarter.’
• The nature of support, will this be managed or on a call-out basis?
• Will remote access to the network be provided ?
• Does the installation and support extend to equipment provided by SABEN ? section 3.2

A –
• Both managed and call out based support
• Remote access to the network will need to be discussed with the TVET college by the winner of the RFQ. The TVET college will need to approve the remote access.
• The college will be responsible to engage with the equipment suppliers on the equipment provided by SABEN (it will be a college asset).

Clarification Questions and Answers – RFQ number: SABEN 0021/2022 & 0020->0033

Q – RFQ paragraph 3.3 specifies that “3.3 For the APs and Wi-Fi controller (ITEM 4 in the table). 3.3.1 Quotations are required for same brand for compatibility purposes and must include pricing for the full suite of APs and wireless controller.” The tables in the RFQ and pricing annexure indicate that item “4-Same Brand POE Switches” and item ‘5-Same brand Aps and Wi-Fi Controller”. Which need to be same brand?
A – As per the tables:
• the 8, 12 and 24 port switches and SFPs must all be of the same brand;
• the indoor and outdoor APs and controller must all be of the same brand.

Q – Must the quote include deliveries to all the end-user sites?
A – Yes

Q – Once you have awarded the tender, how will the roll-out work? Will you order everything at once? Or over a period of time?
A – Yes, everything will be ordered at once and delivery costs to be included in the quote.
Refer to section 1 in the RFQ.
1.1 Quotations are hereby invited for the supply of equipment for the South African Broadband and Education Networks (SABEN) TVET Campus Connection Programme (TCCP). This equipment is to be provided on the basis that a third party, still to be contracted through a separate RFQ process, will install, configure, test and commission the Wi-Fi networks at college campuses.

3.4.2 Delivery lead time from placement of order to delivery to SABEN must be indicated in the quotation schedule.

Q – If UPS’s and the cabinets are quoted on, will these be a bulk order?
A – Yes this will be a bulk order and delivered to site.

Q – Which of the sites that are part of this tender, have an existing Fortigate firewall installed?
A – All campuses on the list in this RFQ have Fortigate devices already installed with firewalls. Refer to: Annexure 2 – SABEN TCCP RFQ Equipment and Delivery Costing 24 October 2022

Q – Will it be the same kit for all TVETs, or could it be a mix of vendors?
A – . It can be a mix of vendors for different items (one vendor per item). As stipulated in the RFQ the switch can be a different brand from the APs and Controller (but APs and Controller must be same brand).
Multiple quotations can be provided for more than one full suite of alternative brands.

Q – Is SABEN just a fulfillment and tender evaluation.
A – No.

Q – Who will own the kit, and who will be responsible for the ongoing support.
A – As stated in the RFQ:
1.1 Quotations are hereby invited for the supply of equipment for the South African Broadband and Education Networks (SABEN) TVET Campus Connection Programme (TCCP). This equipment is to be provided on the basis that a third party, still to be contracted through a separate RFQ process, will install, configure, test and commission the Wi-Fi networks at college campuses.

3.6.2 Quotations must be made on the basis that once the equipment is paid for, installed, and commissioned at a site, the equipment will be donated to the TVET college, and the warranty will be ceded to the college for the balance of the warranty period.

Q – Will the POs be submitted to a single Partner, or could it be split across multiple partners depending on the TVET region.
A – The PO will be issued directly to the winning service provider(S) – there are no “partners”

Q – On page 8 of the SABEN TCC RFQ 0021) 2022 Wi-Fi Equipment 24 October 2022.pdf document, under item 3.6 Warranty, Maintenance, and support , point 3.6.3 states: “Hardware support will require replacement of failed or faulty critical components by the service provider within seven working days from date of return to the service provider.” Can you please confirm if this Hardware support is for the minimum 1-year warranty period, or for how long this equipment must be supported for replacing failed or faulty equipment?
A – The hardware support is required for the offered warranty period of the equipment item. As per the RFQ, the minimum warranty period required is “3.6.1 Warranties shall be for a minimum period of one (1) year from the date of delivery of each device.”
Service providers can also quote on longer periods of warranty if appropriate for particular items.

Q – In the Annexure 2 document of the Saben RFQ 0021/2022 as well as the spreadsheet Annexure 2 it refers to ” layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switch with dual sfp slots”
however in the main RFQ doc SABEN TCCP RFQ 0021_2022 Wi-Fi Equipment 24 October 2022 doc it refers in the minimium specification section of the PoE switches to the following ” layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switch with dual 10G sfp slots”. Could you please confirm if the SFP slots should be Gigabyte slots or 10GByte slots ?

A – The correct specification for the switches is layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switch with dual 10G sfp slots. The SFPs to be supplied with switches should also be 10GBps.

Q – Only quoting on item 1 and 3 and require clarity on the below questions:

Q – Kindly advise whether there is a specific delivery date to adhere to or do we advise on stock availability and eta?
A – As soon as reasonably possible.
Q – Item 3. 6U Cabinet
› May we supply a 600mm wide by 650mm deep cabinet?

A – Conform to original requirement – 6U Steel cabinet swing frame 600m wide by 600mm deep with tempered glass door – black; 1×7 way PDU populated with 7 dedicated sockets connected with 2m power cable ending in surge dedicated protection plug.

Q – Require clarity on the bom required and find out if this is in fact a Indoor unit or rather an outdoor unit

7-Microwave Link PtP Microwave Transmitter/receiver (indoor unit) 5GHz unlicensed spectrum
>350Mbps data throughput
min range 10km
latency < 3.5ms
10/100/1000 Mpbs Ethernet interface
SMA Weatherproof RF connectors
power over Ethernet with POE injector included

A – Both indoor and outdoor units are required; the 5GHz could be in either the indoor or outdoor unit, depending on the brand supplied

Q – Are SABEN able to provide additional cable specifications pertinent to the below low loss coaxial cable specification provided?

ptp microwave – cable coax cable between indoor unit and outdoor unit; 10m weatherproof low loss coaxial cable with small connectors – supplier must include appropriate low loss RF cable with connectors to suit the microwave equipment supplied for example weatherproof SMA 3

A – The vendor must supply appropriate low loss coaxial cable to meet the manufacturers specifications of the microwave solution proposed by the vendor. The coaxial cable requirement is for the RF connection between the indoor unit and outdoor unit or external antenna and must match the specifications of the equipment.

Q – Kindly advise if we can request an extension on submission due 11th November 2022.
A – Unfortunately an extension will not be granted.

Q – I just need clarity in terms of the site inspections regarding RFQ 0020/2022, I just wanted to find out if there will be a date set for the site inspections or do we have to arrange for that?

A – Site inspections are not provided for prior to submission of quotations. It is expected that interested parties will use their experience, RFQ data and other sources such as google to prepare pricing etc. across all sites.

Q – I have a query regarding the Excel pricing document that the bidders need to populate. The document is very vague with no quantities and when I refer to the last page of the tender document I notice that the Excel spreadsheet does not correlate with the Standard bill of materials (12.3).

Please see the below example: (I`m not seeing installation details for UPSs, security gates, switches, different labour rates for both indoor and outdoor AP`s, masts, and where it says we need to terminate the cat6 cables onto patch panels, would these be existing patch panels or is this something we need to include, if so what is the current infrastructure preferred product? If we chip and change cabling and terminate onto a Molex panel with Krone cable you could lose your cabling warranty. The same goes for the fibre, do we include panels or do we splice onto existing LC midcouplers on the panels? We can give one price for trenching and 300mm bosal installs but what if no trenching is required and only bosal work is required? Please may I have some clarity as the waters are very clouded at the moment. Alternatively, may we please have an extension and be given the opportunity to survey these sites in order to provide accurate pricing?

A – All quantities of equipment needed for installation, for each individual college, is on the last page (12.3) of the RFQ. These quantities are based on the projects site visits and are being procured under SABEN RFQ 0021/2022 and will be provided to the installation company (as per the description in the RFQ – section 1.1 and 1.2 of the RFQ).

The Google screen shots in the RFQ provide preliminary indication of locations to be optimised on the on-site design with the college once contracted (as per the RFQ – section 10).

We require a per metre price, not a complete distance price – as this will be confirmed during the site survey design process.

The preferred infrastructure product will be determined by the Wi-Fi equipment RFQ. All equipment items will be provided as per RFQ 0021/2022, except for cabling, racking, trunking, etc which must be quoted on, on a per metre basis as per the RFQ.

The basis is a PER METRE basis price. The number of metres will be determined by the on-site design.

No extension is being considered.